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Floor cleaning solutions for dust-free workshops

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Dust-free workshops are also called clean workshops, clean rooms, and clean rooms, which refer to the removal of particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and the indoor temperature and cleanliness , Room pressure, airflow velocity and airflow distribution, noise, vibration, lighting, and static control are within a certain range of requirements, and a specially designed room is given. It is mainly used in indispensable and important places such as precision equipment factories, electronics factories, and pharmaceutical industries.

Because the dust-free workshop must maintain a certain level of cleanliness, the construction materials used need to meet certain requirements, especially the floor of the dust-free workshop should be flat, wear-resistant, easy to clean, anti-static, not seriously reflective, durable, etc. Basic Features. Therefore, the common floors used in the decoration of dust-free workshops have the following types: adhesive floors (polyvinyl chloride soft boards, polyvinyl chloride semi-hard boards, etc.), terrazzo floors, and coated floors (divided into polyurethane coatings and epoxy Resin or polyester resin mortar) and metal partition ventilated floor, etc.

In order to avoid the accumulation and breeding of bacteria in conventional floor cleaning, Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd. provides a set of solutions for floor hygiene cleaning in car-free workshops. Pharmaceutical factory clean rooms, precision equipment factory purification workshops, electronics factory clean workshops, pharmaceutical industry clean workshops, etc. can also refer to ground cleaning problems.

Floor cleaning solutions for dust-free workshops

1. Floor cleaning

(1) Daily cleaning: push dust and clean the ground in stages from inside to outside. During the cleaning, there are garbage and glue on the ground and clean it with antistatic agent and dust-free cloth in time. If there are stains or water marks, use nano sponge wipe or nano sponge mop head dipped in clean water to clean the dirt without wiping with the diluent of floor oil cleaner.

(2) Monthly cleaning: cleaning once every two weeks to one month, a small area can be scrubbed with nano-sponge mop, if the workshop area is too large, you can use washing machine with Xiamen Share discs and other equipment to clean to ensure that the ground is clean No dust and stains.

(3) Annual cleaning: once every six months to a year, use different cleaning agents to clean different stains according to needs. For the polished surface material, you can use the scrubber of Xiamen share nano disc after deep cleaning, then use brightener Deal with it to ensure that there is no omission in the work

Floor cleaning solutions for dust-free workshops

The dust-free workshop uses a special nano-sponge mop, which can not only easily and quickly remove stubborn stains on the stubborn floor, but also the special material of melamine sponge is not easy to breed bacteria. A large area can be cleaned with an efficient scrubber.

The choice of the brush plate of the floor scrubber is mainly based on the different floor materials, the degree of wear resistance and the cleanliness of the floor.

l Traditional white pads are widely used in the waxing and decontamination of ceramic polished tiles. They are the waxing consumables of polished tile waxing machines. They are suitable for polishing medium-soft floors such as marble and smooth floors.

l The traditional red pad is used for ordinary floor cleaning to remove minor scratches and dirt, forming a smooth and shiny surface, which is a daily cleaning and polishing product.

l The traditional black pad is wear-resistant and durable. It is mainly used for cleaning thick stained floors. It is used for the first stage of polishing. It is designed for heavy wet waxing and effectively removes wax, stains and smooth coatings.

Xiamen Share nano's scrubber cleaning disc is a new type of cleaning brush disc. It only needs clean water to clean stubborn stains and does not contain chemicals, so there is no concern that it will affect the floor material. More importantly, compared to the traditional black disk, red disk and white disk cleaning pad, the material is delicate and does not leave scratches on the floor.

2. Cleaning plate of washing machine

Xiamen Share nano’s scrubber cleaning disc is made of compressed nano sponge and scouring pad. The strong cleaning power of the nano-sponge and the fine and hard internal microfibers can penetrate deeply into the surface of the microporous floor. It is a new type of scrubbing pad for dust-free workshops.

l Strong cleaning power: It can quickly remove stubborn dirt and stains that cannot be cleaned by traditional sanding discs.

l No scratches: The inner fibers of the nano-sponge are delicate and do not damage the floor surface.

l Deep cleaning: The big difference from traditional discs is that they can be cleaned and polished in place at one time, without the need for detergents to not hurt the ground.

Floor cleaning solutions for dust-free workshops

Xiamen Share nano’s special scrubber cleaning disc for dust-free workshop has good cleaning effect and meets the high standards of dust-free floor cleaning. Periodic use to maintain the cleanliness of the workshop, avoid traditional methods of polishing, renovation and decontamination, and extend the service life of the ground.


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Floor cleaning solutions for dust-free workshops
Xiamen share nano provides a set of solutions for floor hygiene cleaning in car-free workshops. Pharmaceutical factory clean rooms, precision equipment factory purification workshops, electronics fact
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