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Why choose magic sponges to clean bathroom

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Magic sponge is a new type of melamine foam with a high open porosit -three-dimensional grid structure ,  It has a strong adsorption force after wetting, and automatically absorbs the stains on the surface of the object during the wiping process. Just water, no chemical detergents, it has strong cleaning power without hurting the surface of the material. Magic sponges are widely used on most surfaces in  home to effectively clean dirt, limescale, soap scum, oil stains, especially  on hard and smooth surfaces (such as ceramics, mirrors, glass, stainless steel). The magic sponge can be cut into different sizes arbitrarily to facilitate the use of different items or ranges. Easy to use, happy to do housework.

And bathroom cleaning mainly involves toilets, shower glass, sinks, bathroom tiles, etc. Therefore, it is very useful to use nano sponges to clean bathroom stains and dirt.




Magic Spray cleaning wiper new bathroom cleaning kit

This Magic Spray cleaning wiper bathroom cleaning kit from Xiamen Share nano is a new cleaning tool that integrates water spray, cleaning and wiping.  The brush head is made of magic  sponge, with a silicone scraper and a spray bottleoval magic sponge cleaning pad is suitable for cleaning sink stains, glass mirror water stains, stainless steel faucets, plastic washbasins, ceramic cups and other stains, a good tool for cleaning bathtubs, floors, doors and windows.

厦门思航的这款Magic Spray cleaning wiper 浴室清洁套装是一款集喷水、清洁、擦拭于一体的新型清洁工具,刷头采用纳米海绵,带有硅胶刮条及喷雾瓶,有效清洁淋浴间玻璃水渍,椭圆清洁块适合清洗洗手台污渍、玻璃镜面水渍、不锈钢水龙头,塑料洗脸盆,陶瓷杯具等污渍,清洁浴缸、地板、门窗的好工具。

Why choose magic sponges to clean bathroom
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